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You Can Stumble Around For Years Trying To Figure Out How To Become A Well-Paid,
Highly Respected, Professional Speaker...

Or you can learn everything you need to know to
launch your speaking business quickly and easily...
and not even have to leave the comfort of your own home!

Have you dreamed about being a successful professional speaker, but you don't know where to begin? Are you now a speaker but you're not earning what you feel you're worth? Are you ready to become a professional speaker but you don't know how to get on the right path?

Help is finally here. You can now learn everything you need to know to get solidly on the right path to becoming a well-paid, highly-respected professional speaker - and you won't even have to leave home.

If you're already a professional speaker, I'll bet you're not earning anywhere close to what you're really worth.

If you're just getting started in the speaking business, I have loads of information for you.  So before you go printing that 4-color brochure and before you spend thousands of dollars on a demo video, keep reading.

And if you're just thinking about getting into the business, I'll show you what a great business it is.  More importantly, I'll show you how to start out the right way to launch a business that will not only be prestigious and fun, it can also provide you with a superb income for many years to come.

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I'm Brian Kathenes from Hope, NJ. I'm an organizational development consultant.

I've always told my clients "Don't get into any business unless you know a whole lot about it." So when I became interested in the speaking business I took my own advice and signed up for Paul Hartunian's Professional Speakers class. I thought it would give me a jumpstart in the business. Well, let me tell you, I didn't get a jump start, I got a stretch limo and a chauffer. It's an incredible program for anyone interested in the speaking business and for anyone who thinks they're already a great speaker. Paul's program will make you even better. I now have hundreds of ideas for products, talks and presentations. Plus a system for turning those ideas into big dollars.

Great job, Paul. Anyone who wants to know more about it can reach me at

UPDATE FROM BRIAN: And now for the results. After Paul's speaker training I had two speaking engagements and I walked away with $15,000. Now that's a great return on my investment!

But before I get into the details of what you'll learn in my Professional Speaker Training System, let's get clear on what the speaking business is all about -- and what people incorrectly believe it is.

There are a lot of myths out there about what you need (or what can hold you back) from being a successful, income-producing public speaker. I've heard them often enough that I want to list the truths here; so that you know the myths shouldn't stand in your way.

I've been on the speaking circuit for a couple of years now and at times I've sold upwards of $25,000 worth of products with an hour and a half talk. But there's a lot of things very apparent now after going through Paul's seminar that I've been neglecting and a lot of money I've been leaving on the tableS I completely reorganized my understanding of how this works. It was a really great experience. I also enjoyed the very up-close, personal nature of the event. It was very small and very customized. So I highly recommend it. I think anybody who's in the business of professional speaking can earn their tuition back many times over with this.

Perry Marshall 

UPDATE FROM PERRY: Just got my numbers (from my most recent talk): $45,057, 40 orders. I am VERY happy with that...Obviously my investment in your stuff has more or less returned 10X in gross sales after only about a month or so, with only two talks so far. Thanks!

perry_m.jpg 150x193

Thank you so much for the incredible SpeakersBootcamp.

I have already secured 3 speaking engagements in addition to the 2 booked at the bootcamp! These alone are worth my investment tenfold!.

The thought of coupling this with your publicity kit is mind-boggling.

This has been truly enlightening, not to mention profitable…I can't imagine anybody not taking this particular bootcamp.

Karen Schaefer
Divide, CO
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  1. You don't need a golden voice. Average folks with average voices can do great presentations -- if they're well-prepared and they know how to put together a great talk.
  2. "Ordinary people" can make $5,000 - $10,000 for a 60-90 minute talk. Thankfully for me and you, we can make this kind of money. There are plenty of seminar promoters who have written me checks for $5,000, $10,000, $20,000...and much more. Seminar promoters routinely write me huge checks. Do you think they'd be doing that if they didn't benefit? I'll teach you exactly what that benefit is and how to communicate that benefit to the promoter in a crystal-clear way.
  3. You don't need to belong to a speaker's bureau to make the "big bucks." I've never once used a speaker's bureau and I'll bet I get paid more than 95% of the speakers they represent. Don't get me wrong. I'm not against speaker's bureaus. They can be a big help. I'll show you exactly how to use them so you get the biggest benefit. I'll also give you a list of speakers bureaus and I tell you the real way to use them to boost your income. But really, you don't need them.
  4. Your promotional kit won't cost you a bundle. Well, your promotional kit can cost a bundle. Speakers who don't know better routinely spend thousands of their hard earned dollars on their promo kits. Many (or maybe most) of them never earn enough money as a speakers to cover the staggering cost of their promo kit. I started my speaking career with a sheet of paper, an envelope and a stamp. That's it!
  5. You can quickly and easily get over your fear of speaking in front of an audience. Will you get nervous the first few times you speak in front of an audience? You bet. But do you know what'll get rid of that nervousness darned fast? How about a check for $5,000, $10,000 or more? How about a standing ovation from a crowd of people who love you for what you told them? Think that'll do it? You bet.
I've been in the speaking industry for financial services for probably the last 12 years. 

I thought I was doing well in the industry. Last year we grossed over half a million dollars worth of revenue from speaking. I can guarantee that as a result of this program, I'll generate more revenue easier and we'll generate a heck of a lot more revenue. The money that we spent on coming to this program will probably come back within the month to us...

I would definitely recommend this to anyone who wants to consider the speaking industry ... This was a phenomenal three days.

Mark Young

mark.jpg 150x225

Now that we have that out of the way, let's talk about what the speaking business really is and what you'll learn when you get your Professional Speaker Training System.

Here's What You'll Learn

Breaking In and Getting Bookings:

red_bullet How to get booked the "lazy man's way."
red_bullet How to get your break into "the big time."
red_bullet How to get paid while you learn the speaking business (this is the best on-the-job-training you'll ever hear about).
red_bullet Where to go to get your speaking skills sharp as a razor blade in under 30 days.
red_bullet The 2 types of seminar speakers, hungry & happy -- you're going to be amazed at which one you are.
red_bullet What a "Welcome Letter" is and why you'd better use one if you plan on succeeding as a speaker.

Topics and Speaking

red_bullet The best topics to speak about (pick the wrong topic and you'll go hungry).
red_bullet Why "soft" topics will spell your doom as a speaker.
red_bullet Why you should "know your material cold" (it's not for the reason you think).
red_bullet Why you're DEAD if you memorize your speech (yeah, I know what everyone else has told you).
red_bullet How to make your audience so comfortable with you they have no doubt whatsoever they should buy your products.
red_bullet AV equipment -- what you should use and what you'd better not use (unless you want your audience snoring within the first 15 minutes).
red_bullet Why handouts can be deadly and can cut your income to the bone.
red_bullet Preprogram questionnaires (you're not using one? Boy are you on thin ice!!!).
red_bullet The worst time to speak (if you're stuck with this slot, just pack up and go home).
red_bullet The best time to speak (when I get that spot - and I almost always do -- I know I'm taking a bundle of cash to the bank).
red_bullet How to be sure there are no surprises at show time (you'll wish you knew this information when you run into your first humiliating problem and all you can do is stand there red-faced).
red_bullet The worst possible time to use humor in your presentation.

The Backend and Back-of-the-Room Products

red_bullet How to squeeze every last sale from your back-of-the-room products.
red_bullet How to split "back of the room" sales (this is the information seminar promoters hope you never find out).
red_bullet How to target your backend specifically to each audience.
red_bullet How to create and customize powerful "bonus packages" that make your audience pull out their credit cards and storm the sales table.

Working With Seminar Promoters

red_bullet How to lock up an irresistible win/win relationship with seminar promoters (make one stupid move here and you could permanently damage a profitable relationship).
red_bullet How to instantly sniff out the unethical seminar promoters (and then avoid them like the plague).

Other Critical Financial Details

red_bullet The difference between an "expense" speaker and a "revenue producer."
red_bullet Why you must have a "minimum guarantee" and how much it should be (screw up on this on and you not only waste a lot of time, you also look like a real patsy).
red_bullet Deposits and payment terms -- without knowing this, you may have a rough time getting paid -- if you ever get paid).
red_bullet What percentage of sales goes to you and what percentage goes to the seminar promoters (make a mistake here and you'll throw away thousands of dollars and look like a sucker).
red_bullet How to ensure you get paid a guaranteed amount whether or not you sell anything (don't expect the seminar promoters to tell you this one!).
red_bullet Travel expenses -- who pays what and why (if you don't know this you'll give up a bundle of money).
red_bullet Hidden traps in your contract (wow, can these mistakes cost you...BIG TIME!) I'll give you the actual contract I use. In less than 60 seconds you'll be able to customize the contract for your own use. You'll then have the same rock-solid, bullet-proof contract I've used successfully for years.
red_bullet Risk reversals and guarantees (pick the wrong guarantee and you'll have problems that won't go away).

Growing Your Speaking Business

red_bullet How to get ground-shaking, roof-rocking, praise-the-Lord testimonials that'll put more cash in your pocket.
red_bullet How to be sure you never step over the line of ethics when you speak (take just one step over that line and you're through).
red_bullet How to become a Superstar speaker without killing yourself or sacrificing your life and relationships
red_bullet Creating equity in your seminar business that you can live off forever This hush-hush info can help you build a HUGE nest egg you can live off for years...or maybe your whole life ( this is off-limits information that you must promise to keep confidential)
dave.jpg 150x217

I was on one of Paul Hartunian's teleseminars last year shortly before I did a bootcamp - actually my first one. The information I got on that seminar - the teaching he did on constructing the presentation - directly related to me being able to do $250,000 in sales in one 90-minute presentation.

Again, I relate that directly to the information I got from Paul on that teleseminar and that's the reason why I've come to Paul's speaker training here in New Jersey... It's exciting and profitable to be involved with Paul Hartunian.

Dave Dickson 

Who Am I To Be Training You?

Very simply, I'm one of the highest paid, most in-demand speakers out there today.

I know something about the speaking business you don't know. In fact, I know a whole lot about the speaking business you don't know. That's what's made me so successful.

When you get your own Professional Speaker Training Kit, you'll learn it all. And you'll be put solidly on the right path to success in this fantastic business.

In your kit you'll get 15 audio CDs which is a complete, unedited recording of the live training I did, right here in New Jersey.  Nothing is cut out.  You go through the same training that the 10 participants who were at the live training went through.  You learn everything as they learned it.

And if that's not enough...

Then There's Your Huge Bonus Package

BONUS #1 - Once you complete the 15 CD training program, you'll be permanently listed in my speaker directory. Take a look at it at

Whenever I get requests for speakers, I send people to that web page. All of your contact information will be there along with a description of what you talk about. The people who book speakers will get in touch with you directly. There will never be a charge to you to be listed in that directory. I don't take a commission or any cut of your money. It's all yours. You'll be listed in our speakers directory permanently, at no cost to you, as a bonus for completing your 15 CD training.

BONUS  #2 - A complete 2 volume, 854 page transcript of all 15 audio CDs.  This transcript will make it a breeze to find critical information, to include your own notes and ideas, to lay out your speaking plans.

HUGE BONUS #3 - My world-famous "How to Get $1 Million Worth of Publicity...FREE!" talk on DVD. This is the talk I put together over 10 years ago. Since then I've changed it very little. This one simple talk has earned me a fortune. You'll see every word of it and, in the kit, you'll learn exactly how I put the talk together and how you can use my formula to put together your own talks. You'll be able to use this same formula over and over again for many years.

BONUS #4 - My confidential speaking contract.  You'll see the simple, friendly, one-page contract that has served me well for almost 10 years.  You can use this as a model for your contract.  In the audio CDs and the transcript I go over every word of that contract and I explain why I put those words in there.  There isn't one wasted word in my contract or one word that doesn't have an important job.

BONUS #5 - My carefully designed pre-program questionnaire.  Before any speaking engagement, you must use this questionnaire.  If you don't you face a huge risk of unexpected problems, troubles and hassles.  You'll be able to copy this questionnaire word-for-word for your own use.  It's ready to go.

BONUS #6 - My new manual "How to Find Enough Speaking Engagements to Keep You Busy, Happy and Wealthy".  If you think that finding speaking engagements is the most difficult part of the business, you're dead wrong.  When you read this manual, you'll see how easy it can be to get very profitable speaking engagements.  You'll be dazzled at the ingenious and effective strategies to get speaking engagements that I teach you.

BONUS #7 - My new manual "How to Break Into the Corporate Market". The corporate market is a whole different animal. If you want to get speaking engagements in the corporate world, you've got to know how it works and what you need. If you're not prepared, you'll wind up with nothing but a lot of wasted time, money and effort. In this manual I spell it all out for you, step-by-step.

BONUS #8 - My new manual "How To Create Sizzling Hot Products In No-Time Flat". As I mentioned earlier, one of the keys to success in the speaking business is having products the audience will want to buy. This is where most people freeze up. They can't think of products to produce, they don't know how to produce them, they think the process is long, hard and expensive. None of that is true. When you go through the training you'll wind up with a long list of products you can produce easily, quickly and very inexpensively - and even for free!

BONUS #9 - My new manual "Working With Agents and Speakers Bureaus". Agents and bureaus can be a good source of speaking engagements for you. But just like the corporate world, if you don't know how to work with them, you'll get absoluetly nowhere. In this manual I guide you though the world of agents and bureaus. I tell you what they want, how to get it and how to turn that all into speaking engagements. I even give you a huge list of bureaus you can contact.

BONUS #10 - My new manual "Confessions of a Road Warrior". Most people think that all the traveling you do as a speaker is glamorous and exciting. Let me tell you, the thrill can wear off pretty quickly. If you don't know the inside secrets true professionals use when they travel, you can get eaten alive. You'll show up at your speaking engagement dragged out and weary. How do you think you'll do when you give your talk? In this manual I tell you what the pros do to make the travel not only tolerable, but also lots of fun.

BONUS #11 - Your own copy of "How to Double Your Business In the Next 90 Days". Regardless of what business you're in, you've got to keep growing it or you'll wither away. This manual is packed with exciting tips, ideas and strategies you can use to grow not only your speaking business but any business you're involved with.

I've been speaking pretty much all my life. I'm an attorney. But I haven't been able to figure out how to make the big bucks from it.

I make OK money as an attorney, but I really wanted to learn how to speak and make money from that and you definitely communicated over the 3 days every which way. You gave me some good hard information about how to do that and how to put that together. Pretty much everything I wanted I got in the seminar about how to get my name out there, how to get speaking engagements, how to get paid for those and how to make money from the back end. It was all there...

Tell people they really need to come to the seminar. That's where you get the maximum input.

Sheryl Brzuska

sheryl.jpg 150x177

Doing Your Homework

Now let me make one thing perfectly clear. This is no get-rich-quick scheme. You must be willing to follow my system step-by-step.

You must be willing to do what I tell you to do. You must be willing to use the sample documents I give you. You must be willing to use the resources I give you.

If you think you can skim through my training and have seminar promoters banging on your door the next day, I don't want to hear from you.

Don't worry -- you won't have to do any cold calling or go pounding on doors with your hat in your hand, pleading for a speaking job. When you follow my system, seminar promoters will welcome you with open arms because they know they'll win by having you speak at their events.

adele.jpg 150x240

You really delivered in your Speaker Training Course. You said I didn't have to have a golden voice or an expensive media kit to make a living as a professional speaker and you are right. In the three days of your course I everything I needed to begin my career as a speaker. The skills you taught us and the mentoring you gave us for success and integrity in this business are well worth the investment in the course. Taking your course will help me be more successful in my business and share my message with so many more people. Thank you so much Paul.

Adele Michael 

The Little-Known Secret About Professional Speaking

Let me tell you a little inside secret about the professional speaking world. As I see it, there are two kinds of speakers -- the kind who gets paid with strokes to their egos and the kind who get paid a lot of money!!! I'll take the second option, thank you.

Oh sure, my ego is stroked when I get those standing ovations and compliments at the end of my talk. But it's those whopper checks that have given me what I value the freedom.

Because of my speaking business I can spend time with Mary and my four dogs, travel when and where I want to, donate money to my favorite charities and live the life I've always wanted to. 

I'm inviting you to join us in this fun, rewarding, and profitable business and career.

So let's recap what you're going to get in your Professional Speaker Training System:

red_bullet 15 complete, unedited audio CDs with every minute of my live speaker training program
red_bullet a full, 2-volume, 854 page transcript of the audio CDs, making it a breeze to find critical information
red_bullet a permanent listing on my Professional Speakers web page, listing all of your contact information, the topic of your talk and even your photo
red_bullet my personal speaker contract that you can use as a model for your own contract
red_bullet my specially designed pre-program questionnaire
red_bullet "How to Find Enough Speaking Engagements to Keep You Busy, Happy and Wealthy" manual
red_bullet "How to Break Into the Corporate Market" manual
red_bullet "How To Create Sizzling Hot Products In No-Time Flat" manual
red_bullet "Working With Agents and Speakers Bureaus" manual
red_bullet "Confessions of a Road Warrior" manual
red_bullet "How to Double Your Business In the Next 90 Days" manual

The price of this entire package is just $997.

(Click Here To Order)

100% "Don't Risk One Thin Dime" Guarantee!

You shouldn't have to feel one bit of risk when you invest in my Professional Speaker Training System.

You shouldn't risk a dime - not one thin dime.

I should take that risk - and I will.

Get my Professional Speaker Training System and put it to work for you for two full months. Listen to all the CDs. Read all the manuals. Examine my contract and pre-program questionnaire.

If it's not crystal clear to you that the information in my System will give you everything you need to be successful in the speaking business.

If it's not screamingly obvious to you that the investment you made in my System will be returned to you many, many, many times over in speaking income, put everything back in the box, slap a label on it and send it all back. You'll get all your money back - no problems.

You'll get to use my System for two full months, you'll learn all about the speaking business, but you won't risk a dime.

Keep in mind that the people who participated in the training paid $5,000 tuition, plus all their own travel and lodging expenses - probably another $1,000.

So you are getting the exact same training they got for a fraction of the cost.

(Click Here To Order)

Want even more good news?  The entire cost of this System could be tax-deductible.  So Uncle Sam could help you get established in the speaking business.  Be sure to consult your tax professional for the last word on how this affects you.

(Click Here To Order)

Let me make one thing crystal-clear.  If you don't recover your entire $997 investment  the first time you give a talk, something is seriously wrong.

But money isn't the point here.  Getting the correct training is what's vital.

How much time and money have you lost already by not knowing how the speaking business really works?  Or knowing how to get the maximum income from each speaking engagement.  And how to get the maximum number of speaking engagements.

How many businesses or careers can you start for $997?  Have you looked at the cost of franchises lately?  $997 will buy you just about nothing.

And forget about trying to get a college education for $997.  You won't even get in the door.

But $997 will get you complete training in one of the most lucrative, prestigious businesses available today.

So, if you're ready to start or grow your speaking business:

(Click Here To Order)

This is your golden opportunity to learn about the speaking business from A-Z from one of the best in the field. Don't pass it up!

margo.jpg 150x232

I came to this seminar as one of those soft, airy-fairy kind of persons. I've been talking in front of groups my entire life. I thought the key to being successful in this business is getting people to participate. I had no idea how to make money at it and really didn't know that I'd want to do it that was any different than I had been doing it all these years.

I've learned so much in the last three days about how to not just make money but at the same time probably get my ideas across in as more powerful way than I had been doing it the old way. 

People are going to really sit up and take notice of what I have to say now and I'm going to make money. 

So Paul, thank you very much. It was worth 10 times what I paid for this.

Margo Arrowsmith 

When you announced your Speaker Training Bootcamp, it was a no-brainer. I signed up without thinking. Glad I did. It was everything -- and more -- that I expected. Thanks for a great training experience. I got what I came for and I'm loaded for bear.

Rick Houcek
Soar With Eagles, Inc.
Rick-Houcek.jpg 150x200

kevin-allen.jpg 150x210 "Best ever. More 'meat and potatoes', more solid, useable, how-to, real world information per minute than any seminar I've ever attended. And I've attended a lot.... "

Kevin Allen

Click Here To Order

This was probably one of the absolute most valuable trainings for my speaking career that I've ever gone through…I thought I knew a decent amount about platform selling and the correct words to use and the terminology. I didn't know anything until I sat though this (training)...It's absolutely one of the most valuable things I've ever gone through. I think you're insane if you don't attend one of these.

James Malinchak
James-Mailinchak.jpg 150x185

John-Mini.jpg 150x208 I have been exposed to none of this information before…now…I have a seminar, a whole bunch of back end products and I really, really know how to sell them all and all kinds of great ideas to go on in the future. That's quite an accomplishment.

John Mini

"You have taken us by the hand, step-by-step, and made it extremely easy to follow your system. You definitely showed us all of your secrets..."

Vincent Defauwes, from Miami
Vincent-Defauwes1.jpg 150x162

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Steve-Swanson.jpg 150x153 This was the best of the best…I teach people how to buy things at 50% off. This would be the only thing I would recommend to go ahead and pay full price for.

Steve Swanson

I've attended a lot of seminars over the past 18 years. I would definitely put this as one of the best most valuable seminars I've ever attended. (You) were so generous with the information. You shared with the group a lot of real inside information about the speaking business. I received so many ideas…that I'm convinced they will increase my business at least 10 times. Tremendous value! I appreciate being here very much.

Dr. Scott Lewis
Dr-Scott-Lewis.jpg 150x163

Mark-Halpert.jpg 150x166 I came here to improve my speaking business…You changed the business perspective!...This is really a business development and speaking empire anyone can build.

Mark Halpert

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I said to Paul on the first day, at the first break that I knew enough then to go home. I felt I got my money's worth and would have gotten a 10 times return on my investment at that point. At this point (the end of the seminar) I'm completely overwhelmed. I'm going back to implement the stuff I got just on the first day. I know it will make a massive difference in my life. Thank you…

Alwyn Cosgrove
Alwyn-Cosgrove.jpg 150x150

Paul-Galasso.jpg 150x166 This event has been extremely life transforming. It's transformed our business. It's made us go forward to the point where we never thought possible…going to this seminar allowed us to expand our promotional business as well as develop a speaking business…I think that 10 times (increase in our) income is very underestimating what we will receive out of this training.

Paul Galasso

You have delivered every single penny of what I paid and I'm very happy…because I will get my money back due to the skills you've given us.

Laura Duncan
Laura-Duncan.jpg 150x127

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Lisa-Louie.jpg 150x159 What I really appreciate the most is your willingness to share just everything - all your insiders secrets to let us know, step-by-step, exactly what we can do so that we can build our own businesses and build our own empires. You didn't hold anything back…I really see being able to take whatever we create and launch ourselves into the stratosphere.

Lisa Louie

Whatever amount anyone pays (to come to this training), they could pay 10 times that amount and it would still be worth every penny.

Dave Woodward
Dave-Woodward.jpg 150x205

Martin-Urban.jpg 150x103 (You) have completely over delivered. I have received so much in the way of tools, in the way of content, in the way of being able to now say to myself: "I can do this!"…What I was doing wasn't working that well. Now I can see exactly how it's going to work...I would certainly recommend this to anyone.

Martin & Carolyn Urban

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I feel it's an absolute privledge…to be exposed to not only how to speak but how you set up your business and develop that into a multi-million dollar operation. Not too many speakers are exposed to that…Thank you!

Marlene Green
Marlene-Green.jpg 150x188

Jeff-Hoffman.jpg 150x201 Whether you're new to the speaking business like me or you're a seasoned veteran, there was valuable information for every person at every different level in their careers. Truly, thank you…another Gold Standard Event. You make a habit…of promising a lot and I always feel that at the end of the day I walked away with much more than the high bar and the promises that you make. Thank you very much. Amazing stuff.

Jeff Hoffman

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This conference has exceeded all my expectations. It's opened my eyes to endless opportunities and I've met some really wonderful people. I arrived here as a singular, local specialist. I'm now going home with a multi-faceted, international business. Thank you.

Poll Meussoulides
Poll-Meussoulides.jpg 150x137

Kit-Grant.jpg 150x168 I've had several people in the room ask me: "What could anybody who's been in this business for over 30 years possibly learn by coming to one of these things." I've just got to say that in the last four days I've gotten some ideas that are going to catapult my income way beyond previous levels, I know that. The neatest thing for me, in a selfish little way, is the great advantage over what traditional professional speakers don't know.

Kit Grant

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